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8 Best Customer Database Software Solutions For 2022

8 Best Customer Database Software Solutions For 2022
Customer Database Software

I guess — You tried to manage the customer data from the Excel database. The feeling is that it looks more like an experiment with an abacus or a notepad, and this software can help you manage your customers. We have listed the most effective database solutions that are available. Click on any of the software to go straight to the reviews. Most applications listed are free of charge or provide trial versions. If you want something else, please see the list below.

What is client database software?

What is a customer database? A customer database is an organized database that provides customer data. Generally, the data is gathered directly, or behavioral data is analyzed manually. Some customer assets may also contain sales contact information or CSAT scores. In developing such database software, businesses use customer database software. The client database is created using coding. It might only seem worth it if you have a data department or a big company. Thankfully the Internet is available.

You can use customer database software to help companies gain insight into their customer base. You can use customer database software to analyze buying habits, identify trends and patterns, improve customer service, and measure customer satisfaction.

The most popular customer database software is Salesforce. It’s a cloud-based software that provides CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

It is a great way to save money and time. You can also get better customer service. It is important to create a good customer database. The more data you have, the easier it is to make decisions. You can also make better predictions about what customers will buy.

The first step to creating a customer database is finding out which data you want to store. You need to think about your business and what kind of information you want to store. For example, you might want to store customers’ names, phone numbers, email addresses, or other information. You can store this information in a relational database or a flat file.

Amazing Benefits of Customer Service Database Software

Customer data will support your marketing efforts. With careful management of such data, your outreach programs might succeed. So it would be best if you employed customer support database software. Tell us what the most valuable advantages are in this tool are.

The most important advantage of customer service database software is that it helps you to keep track of your customers’ needs. You can find out what they want and when they want it. If you need to learn how to use this feature, you can easily ask your customers to tell you what they want. This way, you can provide them with what they need.

Customer service database software can indeed help you to improve your customer service. The first thing to do is to use it to find out what your customers want. The next thing to do is to use it to find out what the best way to contact your customers is. If you want to find out more about your customers, you can also use it to find out who they are. You can use it to track your customers’ activities and determine if they are using your products or services.

  1. CRM

Monday Sales CRM can help manage customer communication easily. The company provides a widely used client database and enables the centralization of customer data and email communication. The software can automate repetitive actions such as follow-up messages or reminders. It also provides you with options to manage pipelines and edit transactions as part of a customized dashboard for the sales process. It is possible to leverage external integration to explore its potential in CRM. The main advantages and disadvantages: Price: Free plan available. Payment plan costs start at $8/person/month.

Apptivo CRM

Apptivo CRM is software primarily geared toward small businesses. You will keep all your contacts on one side to allow you to collaborate and follow up on your clients while still keeping an eye on all conversations. The program allows for customizations on the rule of duplication so the database of customers’ data can become more accurate. The apptivo app and G Suite sync can be very helpful for the import of customers’ information. You can shift data in either direction without manually requiring input, and no data transfer is needed between the two. Pricing: The paid plan starts at 8% a user/month.

Keep CRM

Keep CRM offers an excellent solution for small businesses and is supported by robust automated functionality. It is designed to help manage customer data based on a single database. This data can be collected automatically via the lead form and landing page, and you do NOT need to make manual efforts. You can segment contacts to deliver personalized messaging based on their behavior. Keep combines beautifully with many applications and provides excellent customer service with high expectations. Key Features: Advantages: Disadvantages: Prices: Paid plan starts at $55/month for users.

BIG Contacts

BIGContact is the simplest and most comprehensive CRM system for customers. The software gives 360° views over your customers. It allows for adding custom fields on every contact, which includes contact information and emails, including phone numbers. You can take it in any format and schedule your meetings and notes on your website. A simple interface, customizable workflow, and robust automation capabilities make BigContacts arguably superior to many competitors. What are the pros and cons of buying? Join us for more information.


Pipedrive is a complete business software solution for growing your company and its business growth. The signature selling pipeline is one of the best ways to reduce manual work. You can group contacts and link them to a deal. This dashboard shows a complete picture based on contacts’ purchase history. It provides an email system for customers to connect at an accurate time, managing communication from an easily accessible platform. Pricing: Pay-as-you-go plan starts at $89.90/per user per month.


Freshworks helps increase customer engagement in all aspects of their journey through a personalized conversational environment. It lets you reach your customers using your favorite platform and send personalized emails based on your customers’ behavior. Freshworks provides customers with an interactive 360-degree look at their information. Contact. You can monitor its lifecycle carefully, run targeted advertising campaigns, and provide priceless value. Feature list: Pros. Payment plans start at $13 per month.

HubSpot CRM software solutions

HubSpot CRM is a client database application that allows you to set up meeting schedules directly from CRM software. It’s possible to schedule emails for certain days and times to ensure maximum client engagement. HubSpot CRM allows users to set up custom properties to store important information, like email addresses, phone numbers, and more. The user can also set up custom fields to identify customers for a personalized experience. Feature: Pro & cons: Pricing: From $45.


Salesforce uses Slack to help sales teams communicate efficiently. Customer information software lets users view their interests, preferences, and history in detail. The application uses social profile statistics and social profiles to make customer lists more complete. In addition, users can view customers’ contact details and organize meetings via their mobile app. The main features: pro – cons price range: $25/month.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM provides you with customer database software. It is an effective way to enhance customer relations and provide personalized experiences. You can segment your customer base using pre-defined criteria. Keyword-tagged features make searching for customers more efficient. You may also create visual identifying symbols for seamless categorization. Pros: Cons: Price: From $10 to $1000 a month.

How We Evaluated the Best Customer Database Systems

The best customer database software must facilitate data entry, track customer interaction, and import data from other systems. The most effective software includes additional features, including lead management, email marketing, and reports.

Take Your Customer Support Several Steps Higher

How does poor customer service affect brand sales? Source: Customer database software can help improve customer service processes. In addition to a complete client database, a report can be kept up-to-date about issues that you have raised. Our support personnel is empowered to provide excellent service throughout their customer journeys.

Improve your marketing strategies

If marketing tells the customer what they want, he’ll throw a dart around. If customers have changed preferences, then marketing should follow suit too. The complete Customer Care Database allows you to track customer behavior changes. You can apply this information to marketing to reach the right audience.

Keep track of profits

Keeping track can seem like an expensive task for a small business that grows a customer base. Client databases have built-in bookkeeping systems to help accountancy teams accurately monitor financial results. Easy access to receipts and invoices helps you stay updated regarding your finances.

Streamline customer communication

Communication is difficult across many channels for customers. Your team has access to customers’ details via customer database software and reports in one place. You can initiate conversations about customers directly from the tool’s dashboard.

Saves You From Complicated Spreadsheets & Emails

Tell me the truth here. Searching for data from spreadsheets can be exhausting but time-consuming. Customer database systems help you store customer data in centralized locations and simplify data entry and storage.

Overviews of the 10 best customer database software solutions

This list shows some of our customer database software, their beneficial uses, and a short summary of each.

8 best customer database software systems you should check out

There are countless customer database software apps available today. The smaller and the startup businesses are often best, but others are concentrated on bigger firms. With our library of customer experience books, you’ll be able to learn about more than 55,000 companies — including those within your industry. Tell me the best ways to use them immediately to help your business.

HubSpot CRM features

Discover the Zendesk App in Hubspot. Freshworks CRM attracts small companies because of its ease of management. Freshworks CRM or Freshsales primarily targets SMB businesses that want the simplicity of their operations. The company offers a limited range of customization features like other competitors, but customers are happy to see new work coming out of the box. The clean interface is aimed at focused attention, and the system is loaded with useful features to monitor lead capture prospects and manage their pipelines. Freshworks automatically populates the lead’s social profiles if there is one. It gives hints about what leads are headed for.

Apptivo features

Keep integrating marketing tools with SMBs. Keep (formerly Infusionsoft) specializes in CRM and advertising solutions. It was founded around the belief that sales and marketing departments can perform well in close collaboration. The use of a single tool can help in reducing the cost. Apptivo subscriptions offer centralized CRM, marketing automation, payment processing, email marketing & sales pipeline management. Unlike most companies, Keep specializes in solopreneur business plans and small to large companies. Infusionsoft has been branded Keep Max Classic since 2005. The enterprise-grade service offers an innovative platform.

Salesforce features

Learn how Salesforce integrates with Zendesk. Bitrix24 CRM is an easy-to-learn option for smaller teams. Image credits: Bitrix 24 has been there since 2012. The software includes an integrated CRM suite for managing files, projects, and more than 20,000 users. CRM is quite vast and provides several useful functions. Bitrix24 has free plans available to 12 users and has raised the caps to help businesses in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Free Edition also has limitations in storage tasks and communication. This software includes a scalable pipeline automation tool, unlimited leads, Kanban boards, and Kanban.

Bitrix24 features

Pipedrive is a simple CRM for small businesses. Pipedrive was launched in 2010 as an online CRM system that made sales managers work more efficiently. Besides being available on various platforms such as Zoho and HubSpot, Pipedrive only offers CRM functionality. It is easy to set up and is native to more than one app for expanding functionality. Pipedrive has four primary plans and two addons for lead generation and web analysis. The software allows customers to manage their business transactions, catalog product customizations, email integrations, and more.

Zendesk features

The Zoho CRM system works well across multiple industries. Images Credits Zoho provides an array of SaaS products, and its CRM has been the company’s main offering since 2005. Adding CRM to the Zoho app makes the process simple. Zoho offers a full-service CRM system for businesses of any size and is flexible with the creative workflow. SMBs can use Zoho for managing sales leads, forecasting sales, automating workflows, and managing documents related to the individual lead. The dashboard is easy to navigate and aids sales staff by helping them concentrate on achieving their objectives.

Freshworks features

Its veteran CRM solution is suitable for almost every business. Salesforce’s CRM system was first created in 1999 when you could not use it simultaneously by phone or computer. Freshworks provides customers and back office applications and database and back office applications.

CRM Cloud is called Sales Cloud, a comprehensive sales platform with all the features expected by a CRM system. Salesforce provides businesses with a range of tools to manage customer contact data. The majority of the features are customizable, including the homepage.

Zoho features

Find out how a Zendesk app can benefit your business with HubSpot CRM. Since its establishment in 2004, HubSpot has become an effective marketing and advertising solution for many companies. A centralized tool for marketing, sales, and marketing enable different departments to communicate through one tool. It aims at small and medium businesses and has enough functions to suit them. The HubSpot CRM system enables customers to track their sales leads directly from the CRM.

Pipedrive features

Get more details about Zendesk Apptivo Pipedrive CRM database software. Apptivo was founded in 2009 and now provides an app portfolio focusing on contact management projects, invoicing, and communication. Apptivo differs from other companies because it provides simple call managers without pipelines or invoices. This option offers an easy way of tracking customers. Apptivo’s Customer Support Database is scalable to accommodate larger businesses by providing specialized workflows.

Why should you collect customer data and use CRM?

It’s not just a question of product quality but pricing. Customer battle has always happened in another way—a quality service effort. What is the company that wins? They can understand their customers. Your product will never stand out from your audience in a competitive marketplace without knowing your audience well. The key here is understanding their personality. It helps to make customer database software applications work. Some customers already have installed a client management system.

How do I create a customer service database?

Managing massive volumes can become easier with an effective method. Here is an easy method for creating a customer database software with an accurate structure that can be easily retrieved: The data includes names, emails, phone identifiers, purchases, last conversations, and many others. Find out what you want. Let’s get going with it. Step 2: Collect data from clients. Once you understand the information you want to capture, you can identify the best data sources.

Need help selecting the right Backend / Database Software?

Crozdesk software comparison website helps you to find your ideal software. Crozdesk backend – Database Software advisors can create and recommend the right solution for your business needs. By using our partnership, you can receive a free consultation on software selections, enabling you to reduce time and effort. You can send in your request in less than 30 seconds, and they will make your contact immediately without cost or obligation.

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