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New Adobe PDF Embed WordPress Plugin Revolutionizes Online Document Display

New Adobe PDF Embed WordPress Plugin Revolutionizes Online Document Display
Adobe PDF Embed

Adobe has recently released a new WordPress plugin that enables users to display PDF documents online in a more user-friendly, interactive, and useful manner. This new Adobe PDF embed WordPress plugin provides four different ways to view a file without any of the inconveniences of traditional PDF documents, making PDFs more usable on the web.

PDF (Portable Document Format) has long been a popular format for sharing documents online due to its platform and OS agnosticism. However, PDF documents often have to be downloaded and opened in a separate app, making them inconvenient and user-unfriendly. With the new Adobe Embedded PDF Viewer plugin for WordPress, Adobe aims to change that.

Four PDF Viewer Options

The Adobe Embedded PDF Viewer plugin provides four different ways to display PDF documents online, including Lightbox Modal, Sized Container, In-Line Display, and Full Window.

Each of these options offers a unique viewing experience, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their needs.

  1. Lightbox Modal: This option displays the document within a modal that overlays the webpage, allowing users to view the document without leaving the webpage they’re on. It provides a seamless viewing experience, making it an ideal choice for documents that need to be viewed quickly.
  2. Sized Container: This method displays the PDF like a presentation in landscape orientation, with a slide-view user interface. It is the default display version of the plugin, providing a simple and clean display that works well for most documents.
  3. In-Line Display: This adobe pdf embed option displays the PDF within the content of the webpage post or page, fitting itself within the page and displaying all the PDF pages at once. It is an excellent choice for documents that need to be viewed in their entirety without interruption.
  4. Full Window: This option fits the parent element (the container it is in) and allows for annotation tools and navigation with thumbnails, making it the most feature-rich display option.

Using the Plugin

Using the Adobe Embedded PDF Viewer plugin is easy, and it requires no special coding knowledge. Simply install the plugin and start working with it within the Gutenberg blocks editor interface. The plugin offers various configurable options that enable or disable features like allowing or prohibiting downloading or printing.

According to the official announcement, “With the Adobe PDF Embed API, you can control the size and position of the PDF, the viewing experience, and get hooks into a powerful integration API for handling events as well as providing detailed analytics. The Adobe Embedded PDF Viewer plugin simplifies the installation, customization, and usage of the plugin, allowing site administrators of any level the ease of use of adding a PDF to their site.”

However, before using the new WordPress plugin, users must sign up for the free Adobe PDF Embed API Credentials. Simply visit the official Adobe PDF Embed API documentation page and click the “Get Credentials” link.

Benefits of Using the Plugin

The new Adobe Embedded PDF Viewer plugin for WordPress offers many benefits, including improved user experience, increased engagement, and better analytics. With this plugin, users no longer need to worry about their PDF documents being cumbersome and difficult to access online. Instead, they can be confident that their documents will be displayed in a user-friendly and engaging manner, allowing them to reach a broader audience.


In conclusion, new Adobe PDF Embed WordPress Plugin offers a game-changing solution for online document display. By providing users with four different ways to view PDF documents, this plugin makes PDFs more usable and accessible on the web. Whether you’re a business owner, a blogger, or a content creator, the Adobe Embedded PDF Viewer plugin for WordPress is an excellent tool for displaying your documents online.

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